Office Window Decorating Ideas

Office Window Decorating Ideas

Office decorations have a high impact on employee productivity. A poorly designed office disrupts the psychology of employees, while also adversely affecting their health.

If you’re a white collar employee working in a plaza or office, you have to spend at least 8 hours of your day with the furniture your boss has chosen for you. That’s a lot more than the time you spend on the furniture in your house. Fortunately, the effect of the decoration scheme in the offices on the employees has started to be talked about more and more. Taking this into account, universities work to make the office environment more comfortable and comfortable. With today’s technology, new trends in office furniture are determined and offices enter the race for elegance.

The offices where you spend most of your life affect the productivity and happiness of your employees have been proven and studied through various studies. According to WPI data completed in 2012, it is stated that the work environment significantly affects the productivity, quality, decisions you make, relationships with colleagues, commitment to that workplace and the health of the employee.

While at first only the main factors such as ergonomics and room temperature were dealt with in the office environment and Office Furniture, Today the subject has reached wider dimensions. Thus, new terms and concepts came into our lives. As a result of surveys conducted with employees, priority was given to what employees wanted and ways to increase productivity in offices. Today, images shared on various social media media such as instagram are increasing the interest in different designs. There is a lot of talk, especially with the Google work environment.

What Should Be Done To Increase Productivity In The Office?
The main factors that are important for productivity in an office can be listed.

Light quality and concentration affect the quality of the work done. Having access to sunlight will ensure that the employees in office decorations are fit. At the same time, appropriate office lighting should be selected for the work done. Otherwise, it is known that lights can disrupt the eyes, tire them out and cause intense headaches.

Table and chair
Tables should be easily arranged in order to be able to use Office materials easily, chairs should be adjusted as much as possible to suit the person’s weight. Long hours of office furniture, if comfort is not provided back, neck and back pain is likely to occur. All tools and equipment, lights or furniture in the office continue to adversely affect health during the hours after work. You can also choose second-hand tables and second-hand chairs for office decoration on an appropriate budget.

Order and cleanliness
A clean, spacious and tidy office is one of the most important conditions for concentration and efficiency. It has been observed that employees in a clean and orderly office environment can adapt to work more easily. At the same time, furniture should be selected by considering the areas of use in offices. Otherwise, a complex and bleak environment can occur. In recent years, especially in office decorations, white colors and similar tones are preferred to create a bright environment. At the same time, due to its peaceful effect, the colors and shades of blue are utilized.

Light, colors, ventilation, sound quality, table and chair ergonomics have been known for many years and are seen as important factors thought to affect efficiency.

In addition, with new research, new trends are also developing. The offices began to develop fun communal use and living spaces that both provided private space for employees and brought people together. Thus, it is aimed both to improve the communication of employees with each other and to open up new ideas.

Yesil Offices (Biophilic Offices ))
Biophilic offices are among the most important trends in recent years. Working with nature gives people peace. It also helps to reduce work stress. Who wouldn’t want to work in the Greens? Research shows that working in Yesil offices increases productivity by 15%.

Green Yesil offices reduce stress but also make decision making easier.

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